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Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Assembled With Facial Recognition And Temperature Scanner

- Mar 30, 2021 -

Nowadays, the two products hand sanitizer kiosk and face recognition temperature measurement terminal are popular around the world for COVID-19 supplies, especially in there areas USA, England, Canada, Japan and so on. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk is very useful because the people is drawn to hand sanitizer for free offering. While getting free hand sanitizer, the audience stops and view the logo on the kiosk, also see the advertisement contents on the screen. The hand sanitizer kiosks becomes more and more popular to improve the customers or patients to set up advertising networks. 

While face recognition temperature measurement deviceuses AI technology with deep learning to combine facial recognition and thermal detection to detect persons who have high temperatures as well as those violating requirements to wear masks. You can even do ID cards as well. You actually have the ability to connect with the receptionist to open the door for you now using a variety of access control interfaces.


Our company have developed the hand sanitizer kiosk with face recognition and temperature scanning function. The kiosk can dispense hand sanitizer and detect the body temperature or mask while display advertisement at the same time. The device can be used in many public places, such as retail store, supermarket, shopping malls, hospitals and so on. The device is very useful for the business owners who are now concerned about who enters their facilities, not letting sick people in. And it can also help the visitors know more about the business owners products and enhance the sales number.

Hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk


Asianda model YXD22L-AD3E is assembled with 21.5’’ LCD screen, 3000ml automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, plastic outer case, face recognition temperature scanning module. As we all know, it is very important to clean your hands to protect you from virus during this crazy time. The device can scan the body temperature accurately when your head come to the scanning area . Maybe you have seen these free standing or wall mounting hand sanitizer kiosk in these public places.


During the special time, the hand sanitizer kiosks will bring your brand more popular and good fame in the society. On the other hand, it will allow you display a series of advertisement contents at the same time, such as voices, pictures, videos news feeds and so on. You can display more contents in a very short period. You can remotely control the screen contents from any computer at any time based on our cloud-based system. The software includes many templates to edit the advertisement contents. There is the area to display the body temperature number on the screen.


There are different installation methods for optional: wall mounting and floor standing. And there are two styles floor stand for choosing. You can choose the best installation method you need depends on the working environment.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk


Regarding the material, there are metal and plastic outer case for optional. You can also choose touch screen. It is produced with 3000ml automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with sensor, which will reduce times to refill. It is also very easy to refill it by opening the floor door. The locker is hidden on the side of outer case and the interfaces on the top of kiosk. It has interfaces for power supply, USB, RJ45, HDMI, Audio, TF/SIM and so on. It has built-in Android media player. There are three pumps for optional, for gel, liquid soap or foam. And it is very easy to exchange it.


About the content management system, you can connect the kiosk with the software through the IP address. And please connect the kiosk with the local WiFi. It is very easy to edit and upload the advertisement contents through the software. The software account and user manual will be sent to you before receiving the goods.